Terms & Conditions

Updated 23.05.2018

By completing your booking with ‘The Wedding station’ it is understood that the client has read and fully agreed to all our terms and conditions.  Please note that our Terms & Conditions and prices are subject to change without prior notice. Any alterations will be made to the website first and these are what must be adhered to.

Booking Fee 

A booking fee of £495.00 is required to secure the services of ‘The Wedding Station’ for a specific date and covers any and all administration fees. It is therefore non-refundable. Any services will not be considered booked until the booking fee has been paid.

Any and all further payments made will form part of your booking fee and are also non-refundable. Following the payment of the booking fee any outstanding balances must be paid in full no later than 55 days prior to the event. Failure to do so will result in ‘The Wedding Station’ not attending your wedding and the client forfeiting any monies already paid. We aim to contact all our couples in the weeks leading up to the event to confirm everything. If however you have not heard from us 48 hours before your event it is your responsibility to contact us.  

Cancellation / Change of date
All cancellations must be confirmed in writing either by letter or email. The client may cancel the booking at any time and their liability shall be limited to any payments already made. If ‘The Wedding Station’ has to cancel the booking for reason beyond its control all monies paid will be refunded in full with no further liability.  The client may cancel the booking at any time and their liability shall be limited to any payments already made.

Display & Copyright

Permission is hereby given by the client for ‘The Wedding Station’ to provide video coverage of both you and all your guests on your wedding day. Any and all footage captured and videos created will remain the copyright of ‘The Wedding station’ and may be used for any suitable means which may include but are not limited to advertising and promotional material, on social media, at wedding fairs and entering of competitions.


All finished videos will be kept on file and / or a storage device by ‘The Wedding station’ for 1 year after the date of the wedding. After this period these files may be destroyed.


In the unlikely event The Wedding Station cannot perform this booking due to casualty, act of God, nature, terror, sickness or injury then all monies paid will be refunded to the client and The Wedding Station will not be held liable for any consequential damages. Neither party shall be responsible for indirect or consequential loss. 


Any complaints should be raised by the client in writing within 21 days of the issue arising. Any complaint should be handled directly between the client and company and not published to any 3rd parties either privately or publicly on social media etc. Any such publication will result in an instant forfeit of any replacement/compensation etc. All issues will be dealt with promptly and swiftly to the best of our ability.  In the unlikely event that an issue cannot be solved an alternative substitute or compensation will be provided at the discretion of the company. 

Rules / Regulations
Some venues, vicars or registrars have rules and restrictions regarding filming. Therefore it is your responsibility to notify those who are taking your service and co-ordinating your wedding of our attendance and confirm if and what filming they allow. Also to obtain permission from anyone performing either verbally or musically. Please note that we have all licenses that are required.

Such regulations may restrict where we can film, place equipment or prevent filming altogether.  We may also be unable to take footage if the official photographer is unwilling to allow filming while they work. As a result we cannot be liable for any footage we are unable to obtain or the subsequent reduced length of your final product as a result. We aim to work alongside your official photographer and follow events as they occur. We are therefore not in control of the situation or setting which may lead to poor lighting, obstructions and noise interference and cannot be held responsible.

Aerial Drone Photography & Filming

We are professionally trained, insured and fully licensed with the CAA for Commercial operation of our drones.  We have an up to date PfCO certificate that is renewed each year. We are able to conduct these unmanned flights in most places throughout the UK. There are some venues that may have restrictions due to location to certain airfields, government property or other factors.  We cannot be held responsible if this limits the height we can ascend to on the day.  Weather can also play a part in being able to conduct a flight and therefore we cannot guarantee that we will always be able to use the drone on the day.

Final Product

We do not guarantee a set length for any finished products. Most feature films run between 40-60 minutes and most highlight films between 3-5 minutes but this depends on the type of wedding, length of speeches, number of guests and the opportunities we are given to film.
All finished products will be produced to our highest quality based on the footage we can obtain and will try to incorporate your music request where appropriate. If no requests have been made we reserve the right to use our own discretion. Unfortunately, ‘The Wedding Station’  cannot be liable for any quality issues beyond our control such as weather, poor lighting, sound interference or venue restrictions. 
All edits are subjective and we use our professional expertise and discretion to ensure that the significant parts of the day are captured and used in your finished products. We do not promise to capture every part of your day and retain artistic licence for any and all edits. We advise all couples to view examples of our work to familiarise themselves with our style before booking. We will do our best to incorporate any ideas or requests for the video where possible if they are made in writing in advance of the wedding but we cannot guarantee they will be included. 

Finished product

Our aim is to have all finished products complete within 8-10 weeks of the wedding. If this process takes longer you will be notified. Upon receiving your product if there are any faults or playback issues you must notify us with 7 days and we will make every reasonable attempt to correct the issue or arrange for replacements where necessary.