There are three special optional extras that we offer.  All of the below are only available when you have two cameramen on the day or our Diamond package. Some reasons for this are safety related but its mainly due to the volume of work involved on the day in making sure you get the best possible results without compromise. Our packages page has all prices in detail.


One of our most popular optional extras is the 'Marryoke'.  To those who don't know it has obviously picked up its name from the merging of 'Marry and Karaoke'.  It is pretty much what it sounds like. You and your guests mime a line to one of your favourite songs and the below music videos are the result of this.  

After much discussion and investigation we began to rethink how much fun and excitement we could bring, not just to the wedding video itself, but to the entire day as a whole.  We have now started to offer the option of a 'Marryoke' because we absolutely love making them and we hope it shows.

Same Day Edit & Premiere

The simple concept behind the Same Day Edit & Premiere is that we produce a film that will be shown on the big screen to you and your guests at the evening reception.  This is usually just before you take to the dance floor for your first dance and provides a spectacular start to the evening festivities. 

Whilst you enjoy your wedding breakfast we get to work on our most ambitious aspect of the day. We will create a breathtaking 3-5 minute film fully edited showcasing elements of the arrivals, ceremony and celebration of the day.  Most of your extended family and friends cannot attend the ceremony. For them, the Same Day Edit is a fantastic opportunity to witness the day's proceedings on the day itself.  Moreover, those who have attended the day can feel being part of it when they see it at the premiere.

The preparation, guest arrivals, the walk down the aisle, the first kiss.  The Same Day Edit makes them all a part of these moments that make a wedding truly special. We will also film you and your guests reactions and edit this in to your final film alongside the same day edit.  It is a huge bonus to the evening fun and one we are delighted to be able to offer to all our clients.

Here are two examples of a Same Day Premiere and the reactions along with it.  For us as film makers it is easily the most exciting, fun and rewarding experience of the whole day...

Aerial Photography & Film

Lets take to the skies and capture some breathtaking aerial imagery for your film (and some bonus images for your album too). The benefits of this are clear and some of our samples on the blog showcase the work these wonderful flying machines can produce.  In the right hands these 'Unmanned Aerial Vehicles' have produced some breathtaking images and film for us recently and we couldn't imagine going back to the days before we had them.

PLEASE NOTE - Aerial Photography & Film is weather dependent and refunds are given if flight can not be achieved in anyway.  We are licensed and insured to conduct commercial aerial work.  We take of everything and we will check with your venue to gain necessary permissions if applicable.