What equipment do you use?

To film your wedding we use the most up to date technology. We use professional sound recording equipment and we have recently invested in the latest High Definition & 4K Professional Grade Panasonic & Sony Cameras to film the day. We use DJI Drones to capture all of our aerial footage for which we are licensed and insured to do.  We also use the latest computers and Adobe professional software to edit your footage onto DVD or Blu Ray.

How many people will be there on the day?

That depends on your package choice or what optional extras you choose. The Silver and Gold package includes just one Videographer where as the Diamond Package has two of us included. You do have the option of an extra camera and cameraman on either of the Silver or Gold packages which we do highly recommend. It ensures every shot is covered throughout the day and leaves the chief operator available to roam, capture artistic footage and create multi angle shots. All of this ensures that nothing is missed and gives the final edit a stunning finish.  Just think of us as two extra guests.

Who will be there on the day?

There are four fully trained professionals that capture weddings each year as part of The Wedding Station.  They are Matt, Chris, Mike & Mike.  With over 500 weddings under our belts in more than 11 years we are never short on experience.  We have all trained the same way, use the same HD/4K equipment, which allows us to bring an excellent quality of finish to our films.  To be safe, and for your own piece of mind, we always ensure that one of us is free on any of the dates we have weddings booked, just in case of illness or injury.  Also, we are all lovely!

How long will the final edited film be?

We do not have a set time to which the film must fall into, but most films will run somewhere between 40 - 60 minutes depending on the type of wedding ceremony, length of speeches and also your package choice.

Do we need to meet with you?

Not necessarily, but if time allows its always nice to meet first. As long as we are able to discuss what you are hoping for and have an informal chat. We will of course, come to you to discuss things, at no extra cost. As we are so discreet on the day you shouldn't notice us too much anyway.

Are there any rules or regulations?

The only thing we ask is that you check with whoever is taking your service and confirm that filming is allowed, as some venues have certain rules about filming. We take care of all other licenses that are required.  Aerial Photography & Film has its own rules and regulations that need adhering to and our U.A.V. pilot is fully licensed and insured for commercial purposes and has been granted PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operation) by the CAA.

Do we need to wear any microphones or equipment?

No. It is not necessary as we have recently invested in new sound equipment that does not require being worn in any way.

Where in the UK do you cover?

Everywhere. We are based in Bristol in the South West of the UK. However we will film any event for you anywhere in the world. Additional travel costs will be added for those weddings that take place further than 50 miles from where we are based. Those within 50 miles of Bristol will not incur any extra costs.

I am worried you will get in the way or pester the guests

We make sure that we stay in the background on your wedding day. We film things naturally and we will never require "re-takes" or ask you to stage anything, we will film the day as it naturally unfolds. We never pester anyone and with our filming style all your guests are relaxed and enjoy being on camera. Unless recording a guest message everyone always comments how they do not notice us throughout the day.

If you have any questions that are not answered, please feel free to contact us.