Your wedding film will always be unique.  There will be no other film like it where you are both the stars of the show.  With that in mind, we love to tell the story of your day and the following samples will give you an idea of how the chapters can come together.  Once you have had the chance to look at the films below there are many more samples of our most recent weddings on our Facebook page.

Lets begin at the end.  The following montage is what I like to include at the end of every film.  It showcases the essence of the day and, as always, will be set to music of your choosing.  This is actually a great way to show family and friends who could not make it to the day, how everything went, by putting this video online or sharing it on your own Facebook page.

The following chapters showcase, as mentioned previously, how your film will come together.  Please note, some chapters have been shortened for demonstration purposes.  Again, all song choices are made by you, and the following chapters are no exception.